Running Scalable & Efficient Pentesting Programs with HackerOne: Your Road to Continuous Assessments

Traditionally pentesting has been slow and shallow, making it difficult for modern security organizations to keep pace with innovation and compliance demands. This, coupled with the frequency of security incidents, is making enterprise security teams realize the increasing need for on-demand access to high-quality pentesting resources—and traditional consulting firms are unable to deliver due to limited FTE teams, slow launch times, delayed results, and manual reporting efforts. In this session we will cover the advantages the HackerOne platform provides to customers conducting pentests, including an easy and fast way to scope and launch a pentest, real-time results so that your teams can remediate issues faster, and transparency and direct communication with pentesters during testing. We’ll also provide insights into the future of the HackerOne platform.

Denny Deaton
Thursday, October 13, 2022, 2:00 PM
Breakout Session